Foodecent is a restaurant chain with new vision: “From the people, for the people.”
people can help Foodecent in marketing, new branches and expanding services and Foodecent share it’s revenue with people.

Blockchain is the most cutting-edge technology. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum that revolutionized the world are only one of the Blockchain usage. We are also using Blockchain technology to revolutionize franchise model and many others concept in food ecosystem. you can learn more about Blockchain by googling.

There is no need to know anything about blockchain or bitcoin. you can pay, transfer and receive money. All you need to do is just a simple sign up by an email in our website. 

Foodecent Dollar (FDD) is an ERC-20 Ethereum token equal to dollar (1 FDD=$1) in order to transfer money easily. you can use it in our wesbite or withdrawal to your ethereum wallet if you like. 

  • Yiyeceklerinizi restoranlarımızda yiyebilir ve FDD ile ödeme yapabilirsiniz (en fazla% 50’sini).
  • 1 Bitcoin will be distribute to all our fans have FDD, at 30/1/2020 by their share of total.
  • FDD will be listed on exchanges in 2020 to trade globally by people.
  • more coming soon!!!

1 Bitcoin will be distribute by the total money that users were able to obtain through campaigns. For example, if the whole money reaches $2500 and $500 of them were spent in different ways, 1 bitcoin ($10000 for example) will be distributed among the $2000 holders.So if bob has $100 at his balance he will get $500 extra cash money. he can send us his bitcoin wallet or come to restaurant to get his $500 instantly.

Just login to your account and send FDD token to “foodecent” username as much as you want from transfer tab.
*Notice that orders with referral code cannot be paid with FDD*

Because FDD is an Ethereum token like bitcoin it can be added to cryptocurrency exchanges and trade globally by people. So you can change your FDDs to other currencies by trading on exchanges. 

There is no limit. The more you refer people to foodecent referral programs you will earn more. If you like to earn much money so hurry up!! All of these programs will run in limited time!!
click here to check our campaigns.

Go to your account, click on withdraw tab, write your ethereum wallet and request your withdrawal. Admin will check your request and send your FDDs as soon as possible.

Reaching more customers is one of our goals, there by providing a great incentive for new customers to have a tasty food experience like any other our customers. this is the new way of advertising and anyone know advertising costs a lot of money for businesses.

For now we do not accept funds from anyone. you can turn your time into FDD and make money. In near future you can invest on Foodecent and have a share of foodecent revenue.

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